Los Muertos Salsa

Founded by award-winning salsa artist Anthony Perez in 2014, Los Muertos Salsa is one of the most freshest and flavorful salsas around.



The number one altar salsa

The Gates of Heaven are opened at midnight on October 31st. The spirits of the deceased flood the world of the living. Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead is a Mexican tradition honoring the dead. Family members of the deceased carefully prepare beautiful altars decorated with candles, flowers and favorite foods of their beloved family member. It is said that these alters help guide the deceased back to reunite with their families. With all its fresh ingredients, Smokey flavor and hint of sweetness, Los Muertos Salsa has been placed on alters sense 2014.  Los Muertos Salsa, this salsa will be placed on your altar.

Los Muertos Salsa is the salsa where chips go to die!This is a unique salsa made with dried and roasted chilies, a hint of sweetness and fresh cilantro.This salsa was designed with all of the tasted buds in mind.Give your chips the satisfaction of having its final resting place here at Los Muertos Salsa.